A Snow Sculptures Story

A Snow Sculptures Story ( The Early Years )
A Snow Sculpures Story ( The New Millennium )
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They say every picture tells a story,with a little imagination, they almost come to life.


2002, 9-11, snow sculpture


2007 snow sculpture


2008, snow sculpture

below is the making of the 2009 snow sculpture :

"Pooh and friends"

( the Friendship sculpture )

update - 1-1-09.....This is the snowman signing in for another year, where has time went ?.... I'm now thinking about a 2009 snowsculpture. I have a cute one lined up, and it does have a degree of difficulty to it. We have had about 15 inches of snow so far this year. In a way that's not good for my plans because there's so much un-usable dirty snow laying around, and in my way. But I still have three weeks or so to before I build the hill. That's plenty of time to plan and wait for fresh snow........P.S. By the way, the 2007 sculpture of Scooby-Doo can be seen in the december,2008 issue of National Geographic Kids edition, check it out at any library near you.


update - 1-10-08.....We made some progress towards this years sculpture. A construction contracter I have'nt used before was kind enough to build the first level of the snow block. Now I hope I can get the extend-a-boom loader thats helped me the last several years to build the top level. This year I'm getting an early start, typically I don't get started until february. Reason being, there's always a january thaw. But this year I'm thinking we have already went though that at the end of december, so I should be safe to go ahead with the project.



update - 1-14-09.....We had some construction problems with our forms that hold the snow in on the 12th. With that now corrected we're going to try filling the top half today. If I were getting paid for this I'd definatly sub-contract out the building of the snow block.


update - 1-15-09.....After overcoming some obstickles, we have 09's snowblock completed. After planning my design for a month or so, I'm now considering changing my design completly. This is something I've never done after the hill was built. I'm going to sleep on it tonight and then make a final desicion. At least the hard work of constructing the hill is done, now comes the mental aspect of the project,


update - 1-20-09.....Today I started carving, but, because I changed my design I'm missing a little snow in some areas at 12- 15 foot range. I'll have to add snow to them spots at some point. I'm very happy with the clean snow we built up this year. It carves out much easier.


update - 1-21-09.....Everything is going normal, because I'm at the point where I think I'm crazy and that I can't sculpt it. This happens every year, so I'll just keep thinking positive and carry on.


update - 1-22-09.....I'm still not sure where this is going, It's like trying to put together a puzzle. The tricky part is taking a two dimensional picture and trying to see three dimensions in it, and It doesn't make it any easier when all four characters are looking in every other direction but forward. We'll try to gain on it tomorrow.


sculpture status.....1-29-09.....The 09 snow sculpture is done...I havn't had a chance to upload any pictures yet because I've been so busy. I can say it turned out pretty good, and very colorful .


sculpture status.....1-29-09.....This is the first picture that I have, as it appeared in our local newspaper today. The best picture view is 25 feet to the left, I'll have some better pics forth coming.



sculpture status.....1-31-09.....This is day 4 four of the Walt Disney theme snowsculpture of Winnie the Pooh and company. The title of the sculpture is called, Friendship. I've been very busy the last few days completing this sculpture and talking to the media, but the snow has finaly settled sort of speak and now have time for my web-site. The above pictures were taken yesterday after the second coloring, for some reason this is when the sculpture looks its best. It's a very cute colorful sculpture and everybody loves it. Is it the best one I've ever done to date ? that would make a good survey question.



sculpture status.....2-2-09.....It's day six of the friendship sculpture. After surviving near 40 degree temps, above is what it looks like today, after helping me color it , my grandson decided he wanted to climb to the top of it, 15 feet up. Then him and I just were hanging out, or should I say chilling out, on top for a while watching traffic go by. This sculpture features nine colors not including white, which made it a difficult one to color. I know it'll be around for a few more days as the temps will fall to near zero again.

sculpture status.....2-7-09.....Winnie still looks good on day 11. The temperature today will be near 40 and cloudy, It'll take a hit, but not to bad. This sculptures days of life are beginning to be numbered.

sculpture status.....2-8-09..... Whoever predicted yesterdays forcast was way off, It turned out to be 50 degrees and sunny. The Winnie sculpture is pretty much history, but it was successful and had a good 11 days of existence. I couldn't ask for much more than that.


sculpture status.....2-21-09.....With the temps hanging around the 35 to 40 degree mark, there has been no status at all, but with this recent cold weather I was able to sculpt this Detroit Tigers sping training kind of theme from what was left of Winnie. I wanted to do the tiger jumping out of the old english D but didn't have enough real estate for all the tigers facial features, it was simply to small. The bigger the sculpture the easier it is to sculpt. My next update will probaly be my thoughts of this snow sculpting year and the future.



sculpture status.....2-25-09.....I found out that there are a lot of tiger fans out there, that's one thing about Michigan they really support their sports teams , and yes , even the lions football team. Starting around fall everyone wants to know what I'm going to sculpt this year , and as I search for a story line for this season I found out that even I don't even know , although I thought I did. Basically everything went smoothly through the whole project, it's funny that know one could figure this one out until the time I put color on it. I really kept everyone guessing, Which was sort of fun and interesting for the community. The most memorable moment happened on a Saturday after it's completion when a big rental bus pulled up then out came A whole wedding party with the bride and groom to have their photographer take a picture of them in front of the friendship sculpture, that was a first, and something they will always remember as they look through their wedding album years down the road. Now as for next year , this is where it gets somewhat cloudy. With what's going on with the economy, global warming and the direction the world is headed as a whole, it' hard to to tell, a lot can happen in a year. All one can do is have faith and try to think positive. I hope I was able to take you, your family, and friends minds away from this, if even for a minute, and with any luck I'll be able to sign in as the snowman in January 2010 and test my talents again, until then I pray that everyone has a safe and wonderful summer. This is "A Snow Sculptures Story", And this is the snowman signing off.

Let me know what you think. My E-mail address is . snowman_i_am@hotmail.com

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